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In The News الله أكبر

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The News الله أكبر

Allahu Akbar, she cried,
Allahu Akbar.

Why do they to us?
We are civilians here.

Allahu Akbar, she cried,
Allahu Akbar –

There’s no military here,
We are simple civilians here.

She bursts into crying –
Fists full on flying.

Destroy all their houses,
Revenge The Devil’s spouses.

But Allahu Akbar, she cried,
Where is thou? she screamed.

Then a schizophrenic moment:
They sharply cut the scene,

To report on Sport –
Athlete crashes to the ground.

She can fill a bucket –
Commercially it damaged her:

She cried, she cried,
Olympic dream died.

When broadcasters flip it this way
It’s like Jekyll, like Hyde.

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Author Skendong

Metamorphosing Clunky Narratives

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  • tobepoets says:

    Wauw. This gave me the shivers. What a twist at the ending of the poem, totally unexpected.
    Very powerful, nicely written.

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