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In The News Again – She Cried

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woman in black hijab surrounded by rubble

In The News Again

Allahu Akbar, she cried,
Allahu Akbar.

Why do they to us?
We are civilians here.

Allahu Akbar, she cried,
Allahu Akbar –

There’s no military here,
We are simple civilians here.

She bursts into crying –
Fists full on flying.

Destroy all their houses,
Revenge The Devil’s spouses.

But Allahu Akbar, she cried,
Where is thou? she screamed.

Then a schizophrenic moment:
They sharply cut the scene,

To report on Sport –
Athlete crashes to the ground.

She can fill a bucket –
Commercially it damaged her:

She cried, she cried,
Olympic dream died.

When broadcasters flip it this way
It’s like Jekyll, like Hyde.


Another Poem by Skendong Laid Bare: Ancient Prophesy, Epic Conflict and Destiny

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  • tobepoets says:

    Wauw. This gave me the shivers. What a twist at the ending of the poem, totally unexpected.
    Very powerful, nicely written.

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