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Spirit, Creation, and Love: Reflecting on Life’s Journey

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the spirit animates the living
it constitutes the intangible being,
breathing life into words and
Giving life too.

said to be separate
but the spirit pertains to the incorporeal state
so the soul is spirit though not identical
bounded together and makes the spirit+soul
Dual of the ‘Unsaturated’.


a sequence of events set Earth in space?
magical story that strives apace
seemingly tender and perfect,
absolutely sustained but imperfect.
sacrifice essential in the sequel
all evil duly down reigned.


unscrupulously invited to eat of knowledge
the offer was eagerly accepted –
rebellious, growing up in liberation discovered
Who swiftly seized the situation? now residing
in a secular destination
beneath in rank and quality –
a descent straight down into folly

but love always salvages
a bad situation –
Earth was saved not destroyed.
Creation for those who navigate
embracing the composers verse
back up to Pleasance.

Poem: Seeking To Be Free Amidst Life’s Turmoil


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