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More Than Vibrant Sunday Evening at the River Pub, Ancoats

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A Shadow of a Shadow

The River pub jostled with white working class
& sometimes I joined them on Sundays.

Large daffodils decked the stained wallpaper
intimidating wary visitors.

The rowdy bar divided women to the left,
the men right in the rectangular room.

Tom’s rotund belly expertly handled pints.
Turquoise Lacoste armpits stained

he limped over to the tinny jukebox trilling
Sue in faded light: “Can I shag you tonight?”

Jazz spurts whisky from his mouth,
spraying giddy men who villainously roar.

“Bring it on Minotaur!”
– as she danced on the makeshift floor with gang.

The night lengthened. Hot meat & burgers
by-products in the future

the landlord calls time & the rabble stagger
onto the Golden Sun.

Poem: Do You Love Riff Raff? Ancoats To New Islington, Manchester


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