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Short Story: Man & the Lion

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Man & The Lion

The sun shone hot as normal. A quirky smell punched the caged compound. He was no fool around lions they said. He stepped inside the perimeter, but a lone lion chased & pounced, pinning the zoo owner to the floor instead – no escape. Onlookers scream as he is dragged into the bushes.

Give me three reasons why I should not maul you sneered the lion.

I’ve been caring for you since a decade – growing you up as my own, delivering high quality food on a plate, tending your health & medical bills – & – the lion blew a hefty sigh –

keeping you enclosed I have saved you from rabid beasts of the wild – man & predator, you & your offspring have been spared – & – the lion blew a heftier sigh –

I am your master. Oh yeah? exclaimed the lion & mauled the zoo owner anyway.

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