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Year of the Rabbit 兔

By One Comment1 min read
By Jakub Hałun - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

year of the rabbit 兔

year of the rabbit –
and another day
another lunar new year

proud and nifty,
steady and confident –
so confident it took
a nap at the roadside
and lost The Great Race
of yesteryear.

lucky colors: red, pink,
purple, blue.
lucky numbers 3, 4 ,9
(& 6) some say.

unlucky things –
like Ben Ming Nian
circulating round

i didn’t wear red
the new year past
but I’ll kick it off
in red jumper and a hat

the demonic caveat?
if nobody buys for me
i may miss out
on fortunes foretold.

representing hope / life:

those sensitive things
from the water
to the gold rabbit will
overstand the reasoning.

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