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Unveiling Secrets: Satellites and Technological Perils

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Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash

Turing’s Shadow

Starlight spills secrets deep within,
Algorithms seek a rhythm unknown.
In depths of codes whispers deftly creep –
Binary bits fly, poised to be shown.

Guarded circuits wait to surge,
Encrypted promises scatter in streams.
Codes unravel, truths emerge –
Space junk shatters digital dreams.

The celestial waltz, satellites crushed,
Connections severed, lost in fray.
In debris chaos, technology subdued –
Silence reverts back to primal day.

From cosmic ashes new sparks ignite,
Exposing secrets, unseen, revealed.
Eternal mysteries embedded in light –
In boundless truths forever sealed.

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