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Aleppo: The End of The Old Silk Road ﺣﻠﺐ

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Kumarbi sank his teeth into Anus’s balls,
His screams detected in Uranus.
Heinous thunder that the sky discharged,
And Teshub grew the people’s inheritance.

His city gave milk to traveling men,
Hellenistic code the rage,
Pale fertile soil, rich marble prized –
The end of the Silk Road, a golden age.

Masorah transported from the holy land,
To this aged old city still breathing.
In antiquity, Khalpe or Khalibon,
Amidst dead cities of Byzantium.

Thousands of skulls outside the gate,
Jedi elites and the Council were left –
Teshub is One now, the Committee decides,
Black-axe-wielding God duly cancelled.

Now set in Sadallah Al-Jabiri Square,
Hash-smoking turbaned man in a traduced state:
Was keenly surveyed and watched him there,
Twirling in Aleppo, a conspicuous fate.

The End of The Old Silk Road

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