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Water Crisis: The Poonami Threatening Good Folk of Britain

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Water Crisis in United Kingdom


Beneath the waves, where sea and land unite,
Corruption taints the water companies’ veins,
Once a symbol of British strength and might,
The shores she sailed from bear their stains.

Fish and chips, ice cream, sweet candy-floss spun,
While yards away, E. coli dwells in darkness,
Amidst the filth, where families seek fun,
Sewage discharges leave a mark relentless.

In these companies’ veins, corruption flows,
Profits above all else, pollution spreads,
Their interests clash with nature’s fragile poise,
A toxic legacy, where greed has led.

So dread the water we drink from the main,
Like living in the Victorian era again.

Poonami threatening UK's Rivers and Beaches

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