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The Bank: Triumph over Financial Despair and Strife

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Skendong Poetry: The Bank

The Bank

Huge debt almost paid,
But no thanks to you.
Stripped of every penny,
In your very nature.

If I missed a payment,
Stunned by a charge.
It’s obvious I got no money,
Teri maa di pudi.

Credit record darkened,
Just like my skin,
And if I wasn’t robust,
I’d be sleeping in

The mean winter streets –
You’d have snatched my home.
My job was dismantled,
My income grew cold.

After grace time,
You demand your cash.
Greed’s narcotic haze,
In those crass periods.

Huge debt almost paid,
But no thanks to you.
Stripped me of all you could,
In your very nature.

Prose by Skendong: The Parable of the Debtor and the Bailed Bank


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