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After Hour Secrets Of The Cream Buzzer And Strutting Girls

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Press the cream buzzer,
Zzzz… he’s in –
Trotting up the stairs
And now at the counter.

Brunette at reception,
Man on red couch,
Eating a packet
Of plain salted crisps.

Blonde at his side
Cosy and relaxed –
Smooth legs waxed
In a tight hot pants.

Lights dimmed red.
Red is the scene.
Dark and dinghy
In the seed of dreams.

Brunette at reception
With three girls now:
Tits swell black bras
And deep camel toes.

On the red couch
By the red painted wall
The man broadly grins,
Observing –

Three girls strutting,
Receptionist smiling
As they ponder if Buster
Is prepared to pay dough.

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