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Laid Bare IX: Ancient Prophesy, Epic Conflict & Destiny

By One Comment1 min read
Airdropped aid kills at least 5 people in Gaza

Feeding The Birds

In the hazy sun
The grand fir stands
Majestic & still.

From my window I throw
Bits of bread for the magpies.
They swarm for the manna
Gently falling on the grass.

I heard 30,000 parcels
Airdropped on stricken Gaza
Indiscriminate food pallettes
Crushing, killing souls.
Cats & dogs feasting on corpses,
While the living & the starving
Defy death just to eat.
Installed from Mount Zion.
I am not lying. I feel bad
About to eat this steak.
Bismillah. Hear my Lord.
Amen. So be it.

Prelude by Skendong: Laid Bare: Ancient Prophesy, Epic Conflict & Destiny

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