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Ship Ahoyle: Gaza Crisis Plunges UK Parliament into Chaos

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Big Ben, Gaza Protest, London, UK.

Ship Ahoyle

Order! Order!
Where is the order?
House of Commons
Descends into disorder.

UK crafting motions
On beleaguered Gaza.
Scottish nationals bellow
Immediate ceasefire.

Out of the ashes,
Power hungry Labour
Steal opposition day
Snatched from the border.

Ruthless Sir Keir
Strong armed The Speaker?
The Speaker’s job
Looking ever bleaker.

Government whisper –
Humanitarian ceasefire.
30,000 dead,
Final solution for Rafah.

The time 100,000 dead
Starmer is in power.
Where’s the compassion?
Humanity in the gutter.

Order! Order!
But so much disorder.
Fandandering politicians
No matter what the colour.

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