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Popcorn Brain: Here Is a Unique Addiction Exposed

By One Comment2 min read
Skendong Poetry, Popcorn Brain

Popcorn Brain

Will you forgive me? I’ve got popcorn brain.
I saw your vital message but was distracted again.

Scrolling fart pranks in New York’s Central Park,
Blasting flatulence seems to make people laugh.

Then a notification pinged: Kendrick beefing Drake.
Would you be angry if I said, pipe down, pipsqueak?

Insulting Black Messiah courting mulatto queen,
But “Not Like Us” hit 70 million streams.

Think Drizzy has a alcohol & gambling addiction?
A minor psychopath always playing the victim?

Then an ad popped up about Diddy’s affliction,
So, I clicked. Bad boy deleted all his Instagram.

Even the apology video for beating up Cassie,
Mounting legal issues increasing his anxiety.

I apologize for not responding immediately.
I’m struggling to caress a coherent train of thought.

I was about to reply, but an algorithm trapped me,
Another ping & it was wholly my decision

To click a notification you may hold in derision:
A headline-grabbing piece on Taylor Swift’s life!

Billions generated from the Eras Tours.
Opera singer grandmother, dad a stockbroker…

Knowledge on every corner screaming for attention,
Craving, clicking senseless data, dopamine-driven.

They say popcorn brain mimics a crack addict,
Piping a cyclical habit difficult to break.

The self assesment test claimed 7 hours a day,
I touch my screen & scroll in endless play.

Short bursts of data to satisfy my stimuli, even
Hideous wars in Sudan, Ukraine, Myanmar &

A propensity to switch when grief fills my heart –
Gaza to prank farts in New York’s Central Park.

So, don’t be mad at me, I’ve got popcorn brain.
I’ll respond straight away the next time around.

I’m going to call you now, but one more thing,
I don’t know why I clicked; check this news I bring.

In your inbox, an article on your favorite poet,
They busted him downtown, didn’t even know it.

With three blonde escorts, marijuana, & cocaine,
Prancing out of his mind in a bra & G-string.

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