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The Magpie Builds for Free as People Go Homeless

By One Comment1 min read

Magpie’s Nest

Alone by the window,
Thinking of a bygone friend,
Drinking a Budweiser,
But not yet drunk.

Across the ecliptic azure,
A plump magpie flies east
With a branch in its mouth.

I gather it was building
A nest for the chicks,
Yet humans can’t find
A home to live…

But try not to worry –
I am paraphrasing God:
Do the birds of the air
Toil for money?
Yet they are free &
Have all provisions.

Funny though today –
I saw a young family
Turfed onto the street.
Market rent
Exceedingly bloated.

Mother, children crying;
Father yanking his hair
Like a bedlamite as the
Removal truck approached.

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