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If I was a Jew מָשִׁיחַ

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If I was a Jew מָשִׁיחַ


If I was a Jew,
I would marvel at the unbelieving Christians. That Yeshua Ben Maryam and Yosef fulfilled messianic prophecies foretold. I would also scoff at the Muslim for his flagrant plagiarism of that man. My heart is patiently waiting.

If I was a Christian,
I would gloat over the Jews. For I was Gentile and Yeshua was a Jew. I would also scathe the Muslims for hijacking the Son of Mary. My heart is patiently waiting.

If I was a Muslim,
Indeed I would be happy. For I embrace Isa Ibn Maryam, and Yusuf, so am compelled to embrace Jews, Christians and others into the fold. My heart is filled with love.

Jesus name

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