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Black Friday: A Timeless Tapestry of Faith

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Black Friday

In the beginning
All was there.
Eating the fruit
Broke the love affair:
Of man and his maker,
Woman her nature,
God could not be found

Among the chaos
Noah rose up.
Building an ark
In the midst of dry land.
Two by two
They all went through.
Forty days later
Survivors were few.

After the great flood
Came Abraham.
“Worship one God”
Was his programme.
Nearly sacrificed his son,
To show everyone,
That a merciful God
Was indeed still around.

Moses rose up proclaiming:
“Let my people go!”
His consistent message
To the stubborn Pharaoh.
Plagues hit the land,
Sea parted by a hand.
Very grave for those
Who failed to understand.

That man we call Jesus.
A virgin conception?
He walked the Earth,
To change our perception.
“I AM” the way
The truth and the life:
Whoever chooses the way
Will gain it.

But put to death
By murderous man.
That long black Friday
A new era began.
2000 years are now at hand.
His name is still preached
Throughout the lands.

But are these stories
Really true,
Or fictional tales
Pure gobbledygook?
Duping the mind
Deceiving the mind?
This is a question
I’m asking you.

Did I hear ‘yes?’
These stories are real,
The concept of God
Sure does have appeal.
Then some said “no!”
These stories are false:
We all live and die
Riding off in a hearse.

We won’t be the first
Or certainly the last,
To taste hell-fire
With other outcasts?
Admittedly seers
Have come and gone.
Preaching monotheism
Worship one God.

A framework to save
Us from the grave,
So after death
One can live on
And on
And on.

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