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The Supermoon ἁψίς And Earth’s Antiquity Is Nothing New

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ἁψίς The Supermoon

4.5 billion years the Earth formed
after Theia,
Luna was traumatically born
a natural satellite destined.

a product of this antiquated toil
are sons and daughters of the soil.
they made my breakfast this morning
with help from the illusionist.

are you familiar with harvest moon?
it’s light to the field
the Old English call “belewe mōna.”
I look up and scan the cloudy sky

time granted on limited lease
I monitored and marvelled
at this once in a blue moon

but it’s not new –
even Julius Ceasar paid homage to Maria,
but this one is ‘unusual’
for ἁψίς appeared in synchronous rotation

almost kissing the Earth,
appearing bold, bright and easy
to see but not to deduce
for at moments it was hiding

and when publicly illumined
it did not look blue at all.
in fact colour has nothing to do with it.
the “Blue Moon”

a travesty of man’s editing,
a bespectacled intellectual’s plaything
for all the full moons have names, proto-
types laid by the Algonquins. Who?



January: the Wolf Moon,

February: the Snow Moon,

March: the Worm Moon,

April: the Pink Moon,

May: the Flower Moon,

June: the Strawberry Moon,

July: the Buck Moon,

August: the Sturgeon Moon,

September: the Harvest Moon,

October: the Hunter’s Moon,

November: the Beaver Moon,

December: the Cold Moon.

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