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Second Life: It’s Like Something Out Of A Movie

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Artwork by Stefania Pinsone

second life

it’s like something out of a movie.
second life. living on the periphery
of isolation. stimulated psyche
rears up at dawn and reaches out –

into a world too strange
to be ignored; a common ecstasy
too vague for shapely words
to paint:

boldly link the faces
in this mass rubicon of time, & second life
acquires a momentum of it’s own…
& like all things bad,
pleasantly addictive.

here, now –
a bold ego emerges,
half way journeying to whatever
destination lay ahead,

meeting executively dressed
animators through a pixelated vision
clutching cocktail glasses, observing –
casually beyond this prism.

Chantal Harvey: Second Life: It’s Like Something Out Of A Movie


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