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Semen related to Shem? Biology, Ancestry, And Symbolism

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Photo by sebastiaan stam/Unsplash

An Esoteric Secret

That sperm cell dwelling in semen entrapped
In a viscous fluid in the penis tract
of such of those evolved.

Others journey seeking the other side
but only if specifically discharged.

Semen related to Shem?
Shem seized then presumed inheritance –
the heritage

Scheming to fuse, binding his with Hams
To secure a succession
of organisms to rule

Earth saw this, using sequencers
That set inferior, people fed poison
conditioned to die with no energy –

conned by ciphering sorcery
and beaming the opposition radioactive ways.
My Able brother?

Descendants of Cain now flourish
in high office craftily manipulating law.
Look brothers and sisters!

See the radiance
of Nachash’s glow on their faces.

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