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Petrol-Reliant: A Coughing Ode Near the BP Station

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pacing past the bp station
price of oil scarce
in the news

a taxi speeds pastHw
i guzzle a heap of diesel

i cough & cough again
(then jerked him
with the middle finger)

he slides alongside
the voracious pump
his taxi swallows fuel

i scratch my head
& shrug my shoulders
for glancing right

there’s a gleaming
nissan showroom
(“motors selling fast”)

vans & cars
paraded on the forecourt
vans & cars

i peer ahead & there’s
a long queue brooding

at the makeshift lights
i look up & sigh
stars are sparse though

a flashing airplane
glides through purple sky
i cough & cough again


Author Skendong

Metamorphosing Clunky Narratives

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