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notes taken in the field 2

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notes taken in the field 2

this i find mixed
but what is this?

gravitational stars collapse
sucking in all light and sound

composing in his lab at night
pen and paper set out in flight

an esoteric mission ciphering
syllables into small words

checking all symbols
souls sleep while they creep

rats scurry to avoid the rush
and scanning eyes

the imitators can steal the idea
but not the philosophy behind it

no omens – work honestly
and they pay speckled dust

nemesis less genesis withers
into minus distributing due course

strengthen us until we depart
reverse the fear, i DEA

take heed / do read / reverse
the scheme and swim in the sea

for i see you in me everyday
dysfunctional operations

digging coal to fuel the fire
the screen reflects a fusion

functioning atoms and particles
too small to perceive

slid into the world from mother
and with screams her pain

turns to exhilaration:
by the way on your travels

look for the black cat prowling
it turns into a swooping crow

visible when the lane is unperturbed
migrating over the sky.

Poem: Ardwick Green’s Secrets: Dalton, Graveyards & Gothic Echoes


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