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Acapulco Gold: In Search of Playa del Carmen’s Treasure

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In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Skendong.

miles away

on golden sands
of Playa del Carmen
i’m striding for that
Acapulco Gold.

among the swathe
of tourists –
amigo spots me
& waves.

at the fringe
of The Caribbean Sea
i wave back
then fan my face.

he’s drawn away
from attending
the tanned lady
cladded in darkers
on the sun bed.

he’s rushing my way
then shouts… hombre,
you searching for that
Acapulco Gold?

he places something
in my palm.
police ’round here?
they’re secretly paid

i eye it
rub it
twirl it in my fingers
as an earthy smell
seeps up my nose

you see amigo,
10 US dollars & he froze.
then 20 US dollars,
add another bud
then consider it

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