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Is Weed Money Funding Organized Crime? Karma Vs Calmer

By One Comment2 min read
close up photo of green leafed plant

karma or calmer?


my money
organised crime

said the red faced

selling arms
to Al-Saud.

i buy
skunk weed.

deemed illegal –

a feeble law.


i hop on a plane
in an hour

Airport Schiphol

then a train
to the main

and first stop off –

my favorite
coffee shop.

wades through the air

brothers and sisters
smoking pot…

hey –
can i help you there?

she presents me
the menu.

coffee, herbal teas
and marijuana –

the marijuana
makes me karma.


i won’t be greedy
i’ll take two

a gram of AK
and Stardog

throw in a cup
of mocha too

how is England?
she asks.

what can i say

not much change
it’s strange,

every time
i want to purchase

i run the gauntlet
sweating it –

an ounce
of weed in my pocket

hoping the police
don’t pounce

this circumstance

i can’t even smoke
in peace….

but here i am
fair and free

the government
collects revenue

she smiles –
hands me the mocha

thank you
i hand back
the menu

sifting through
for a table

to sit and
set to roll –

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