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Pink And Lilac: Observations Of An Intense Mind

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Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

pink & lilac

there’s the madman ahead.

your eagle eye spotted him
up the bustling road &
he is striding this way.

he’s put on a bit of weight,
weighed down by his baby –
that black heavy rucksack
he constantly lugs around

filled with a burgeoning
paper mass of scribbled notes
and library books.

growing his hair,
the last time he proclaimed
Jesus was Rastafarian.

he always talks religion,
philosophy or politics –
way too intense!

let us laugh. let us joke.
let us be entertained,
for glorious Egypt waned
centuries past.

The Atlantic Slave Trade?
That’s his current project
so come quick

let us & veer
down this side street
before he detects us.

Poem: Vibrant Reverie: Embracing Pink Hues and Transcending Boundaries


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