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Poetic Code: Embracing the Fusion of Art and Algorithms

By One Comment2 min read
Artwork by Steven Bingham - SW1-digital

hyper text

he stood at the bay window,
& waved.

his thick black & yellow book in hand,
he had just finished coding:
a poem in this you reckon?

he beckoned you to write anew – it’s easy,

the self-confessed professor said

then perniciously smiled:

(ffsake a poem in this…

there are a thousand ways
to learn, choose one.

what are you slouching for?
go view them…!

in fact

want to learn anything,
almost anything? then

go & watch a YouTube – how to – video. long live the internet.

Google 2

(dollar dollar dollar $$$$ …/lose those tags or else #$$$   this is not a poem.)

now – comrade,
i promise you tomorrow,
on this new bonded
leather chair,

i shall calmly sit
at this age old pine
with its bruises

& watch the sun creep in
shedding light on my
lack of understanding,
and if i am here
to witness this –

(nothing is guaranteed)

my eyes dimmed will thank the nameless,
yes i know it has a thousand names.

i shall calmly sit upon the horizon,
(reflect upon what you said)
& watch that 15 minute video for


just for you.
just for you.

ps. don’t forget
to send the link –

cut >

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