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Savage Seduction: The Praying Mantis’s Deadly Dance

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Photo by Skendong

The Ritual – Poem

Females Pray

the ritual
of human coupling
to a fingered swipe.

but out in the wild
it’s as wild as ever.
it’s no hype
she’s a man-eater.

on Friday 13th
of September
her perfumed pheromone
by a balmy breeze,
reeled him in.

he spotted her –
twice his size
he didn’t care,
for winter nights
were imminent
& he wanted sex.

she beckoned him.
he approached
& upon reaching,
filled her up
with rapid thrusting
but WTF!

mighty pincers
shattered his skull;
decapitated –
eaten alive

she knows
his nerve endings
will spasm the abdomen
he pumps his last.
he’s deader
than dead now.

whether or not
she falls pregnant
his lifeless body
gobbled up
for nourishment.
she needs it.
job done.

the least –
he didn’t die


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