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It’s Been A Terrible Week In The News However…

By One Comment2 min read
a man reading a news paper


it’s been a terrible week
in the news
but personally interesting.

refuse to bow down
to the blues,
so prompt the muse
for glad tidings:

like an airplane ban reducing emissions.

food scarcity breeding frugality.

they pay us to borrow money.

an endless supply of federal honey.

wealthy athletes running ’round
bereft of a rapturous crowd
was charming to watch on telly.

and as i socialize
i no longer have to grasp your hand
or kiss your cheeks for weeks.
elbowing is cool.

working from home, sleek.

but i do go out and
in the public toilet yesterday
a bodybuilder screamed
hey fool!

don’t you know the sketch?

you are striding out
not washing your hands –
you got five seconds
you wretch.

the skinny man
hauled his fingers to his nose,
inhaled through his nostrils
and obliged.

i did have a shit big fella.
you are right he replied.

that was the end of that…

it’s been a terrible week
in the news
but personally interesting.

all in all i’m amusing on
the brighter side of strife.

Poem: Ten O’Clock Blues: News and Moments in the Summer Night


Author Skendong

Metamorphosing Clunky Narratives

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  • N c says:

    Wowsers, I’ve loved all the others but this one is truly thought provoking, in the sense of I felt I was there or that is somewhat I would say. Wash ur hands lad, dirty bugger. Keep on Skendong x

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