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All Year Long

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2020 Vision

Boris gained power so chaos aplenty.
Brexit sort of done, loomed a harsh Twenty Twenty.
January just begun & Trump droned out Soleimani.
Exploded Twitter hashtag trending #worldwar3.

It went quiet but in the backdrop a trade war.
A diplomatic shootout for Washington & Beijing.
Two big beasts & only one can be King.
Increased tariffs had people suffering.

How would this unravel? Then came Turkey.

Quirky Erdogan starts a fight in northern Syria.
Russia backing Assad & ready for affray.
He scowled: Europe? We will open the gates
& send 4 million refugees your way.

But he can’t because borders now slammed shut.
COVID-19 placing us on war footing?
Follow the money but bonds & stocks crashing.
Am I bothered about hand washing?

When the food runs out & the money runs dry –
All demand but no supply.
Fuck that!
It’s more about the looting & the shooting.

Poem: Sorry Ukraine – A Poetic Pause In Troubled Times


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