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Spectral Bonds: Unleashing the Emotion-Fueled Watch

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Looking Through The Blinds


Watching over looking glasses,
Dusk crept in from outside.
The black cat parked upon her window ledge
As darkness merged into light.

Dancing in her room like a candle flame,
Shades of clouds drifted by.
He is present at his window again,
Sipping coffee cup of smooth cognac.

Nodding his head,
His shadow nods back,
An exasperated beat in a rappers voice;
& the difference between them is apparent:

Hers – ageing years –
Henna hair wrapped in a purple Alice band.
At odds with pink flowered silver studded pinafore
She always wore between 8 & 9.

His – energy of youth –
Ecru colored wave-cap tugged scalp tight,
At odds with pectorals bulging his vest,
He always wore between 8 & 9.

Poem: The Soul’s Journey Through Words


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