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The Connection: Swine Flu and COVID-19’s Devastating Dance

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The Pig

In England, there lived a sad
And emphatically suicidal pig.
We all know they have good brains,
But this little piggy was driven insane.

He surmised in his head,
“My time is nigh – I’d rather be dead!”
He tried to figure it all out,
“What is this life all about?”

In a breeding pen, my mother gave birth.
Why did I come to this wretched earth?
The thoughts made his head spin round,
Finding no answers, he always bemoaned.

Pigs worldwide are being slaughtered,
African Swine Fever reaping havoc.
Rivers of blood flow in southeast China,
Grimly awaiting my fate.

All because my flesh is deemed tasty,
Sold at a price – bacon and chops.
Some call me haram, not at all kosher,
But sky-high demand in Europe and Asia!

Can you see why I have no hope?
How can I live with peace of mind?
I heard in the morning Mr. Hind,
Is coming my way with the butcher’s knife.

But during the night, like a schizophrenic,
Piggy jumped up like a Maasai warrior,
And bumped his head on the steel cage:
“Yes, my Maker! I have the answer!”

Rumors percolated on the grapevine:
The farm was stricken by Covid-19.
In the morning, they’re sending an apprentice.
I’ll confront him like a praying mantis.

As the sun rose, the young man strutted in.
He uncaged us but fatally turned his back.
It’s now or never, my life in danger –
He’s heading for that 12-inch dagger.

Staff was minimal, stricken by Covid,
It’s now or never! I charged him down.
“Pigs’ lives matter!” I screamed!
My raging snout butted him to the ground.

I chewed his balls, then chewed his face.
Viva la Revolución! Taking place!
In the blink of an eye, 50 huge boars
Tore his flesh till he was no more.

We devoured him – even the bones,
Then scarpered out the door –
Into the windy hills of Cumbria.
Suicidal? Hell No More!

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