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Unveiling The Tapestry: A Poetic Journey Through History’s Pages

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Photo by Skendong

History’s Verse:

Did you hear
the top man prescribe
a trillion green tax for us?

Did you hear
the top man prescribe
an oncoming winter flu epidemic?
(He corrected himself
and said, “Sorry, epidemic”)

It was noted.

What about the queen and family
serenading Bill Gates & tech?

“Stop those inappropriate
emails, Bill!”

With clarity, it was reported –

Eva, the desperate housewife,
showing off her “stunning curves”
on a beach in Cabo San Lucas –
(paparazzi snapped her)


“Biden drops free fees for study”
“Home care funds for the aged & disabled cut”

Mr. Abdollahian, on the other hand,
dreads a crisis in Afghanistan.
The shadow of violence drifts
over those mountainous hills

maybe I’m dreaming it up.

The professor questioned: Were you there?
How can you be sure of the facts?
Who logs yesterday’s history, professor?
Is it you? Is it I?

(There’s so much more to tell…)

A Poem from the Archive: Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump


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