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Think Your Best Friend Will Ever Write Your Poems?

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Skendong Poetry - Friendship


Don’t take it personal because
I haven’t returned your call.
You know me well enough.

I’m sifting through my diary
Filled with plots and plans,
Besides Roget’s Thesaurus
I haven’t opened for years.

The last time we met at
The gin tasting event in
The plush city centre hotel,
You said you were busy
With work and travel.

I was pleased to see you, but
After fifteen minutes squirming,
You jumped from your stool
And hastily left, saying
You had to meet another.

I’m quite stuck at this desk.
I rarely go out, overwhelmed
By a stack and swirling ideas.
These poems
Won’t write themselves.

When it’s conducive for both,
I’ll try and return your call.

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