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Have You Ever Heard of Ahmed The Elephant?

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Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

Strange Trends

Tusks graze, whispers roam,
Ahmed’s legend in strange hills,
Mountains secret tales.

Crowned King tusks touch,
Marsabit’s grand show concealed,
Dark shadows flee.

Froseth’s striking eyes,
Odd script unfolds in Canada,
Manchester is -1°C.

Elordi’s past binds,
Kissing co-star shadows cling,
Reflections unkind.

A composer’s end,
Alps ablaze, flames narrate,

Wicker Man’s dark lore,
Fifty years & lingering still,
Shivers & eerie vibes.

Luis Suarez’s teeth,
UK trends in strange embrace,
Pandemic tales emerge.

Boris Johnson’s dithering,
Covid-19’s mask removed,
Seriousness plummets.

Festive thanks in brew,
NHS warmed by Starbucks,
Free coffee. We thank you.

The Romans cheering
Football & cricket’s daily prance,
Gaza, Ukraine silent.

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