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Laid Bare VIII: Ancient Prophesy, Epic Conflict & Destiny

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Hungry Kids in Gaza. Creator: SALEH SALEM - Credit: REUTERS

Operation Jericho Wall

Securely sealed strip,
Children of יִשְׂרָאֵל guard,
None in, none out, watched.

Documents revealed,
Attack plan foreseen, dismissed,
40-page insight –

Code-named “Jericho Wall”
Invasion outlined with care,
Intelligence flawed?

The King of the North’s
State security collapsed,
Defense memo warned:

Bold guerilla force,
27,000 battle-ready,
Training drills mirrored.

Veteran Unit
8200’s whispers retold,
Email pleas unheard.

October 7,
Blueprint’s pinpoint precision,
Devastation reigns.

Barrage of rockets,
Eyes knocked out, terror elect –
Gunmen infiltrate.

Jericho Wall, versed,
Attacking cities, bases,
Redo 9/11.

Guardians stumbled;
Past’s enigma under lens,
People seek truth.

Connect the dots,
Beyond unbelievable,

Mighty יִשְׂרָאֵל feigns—
American aid overflows.
Conspiracies veiled.

Jericho’s echoes:
Questions and finger-pointing,
The holy land shakes.

Gaza children 2024

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“Jericho Wall” report indicates Israel ignored warning signs of Oct. 7 attacks.


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