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Bardo Tango: Verses in Shadow’s Dance with Death

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Skendong Poetry

Dance with Death

Oh, cessation of life,
You wish to merely cease me?
You can’t do that.
Are you my wife?

Broadly smiling,
Striding through your nooks & valleys—
No fear—
Rainbow strained; Jack Daniel induced,

I have more than accepted
The inevitable—
Fact upon fact upon fact deduced,
That when I peer into the future,
My merger with destiny
Is lucid & clear:

Steering towards you,
My dear,
Gives me a rush,
Higher than Babel.
A fable beyond the sky.

For nobody came back
& said death spoke,
Reap what you owe
& referred to Sheol?

So here I am,
Refusing to be taken
By you in sleep,
But ready,
Face to face,
You I will greet.

So be it.

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