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Commander-In-Chief’s Commander Banished From The White House

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Skendong Poetry


Commander is the chief.
He hates secret service agents.
The commander-in-chief
Has no control.
Not fit for the White House

Security gives him room.
They stay a terrain away,
Their own personal safety
Taken seriously like
A national security threat.

Commander avenging
The underdogs debt?
Sensing souls –
Duplicituous roles,
The shepherd’s sharp
Body language skills,

Snarling teeth ready
To penetrate – no debate.
Inflicting pain,
Piercing your flesh
At any given moment.

Behaviour escalating,
A bite so badly brewing,

Secret service agents

President Biden's dog Commander

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Further Reading: Commander Biden, President Joe Biden’s family dog, bit US Secret Service personnel in at least 24 incidents

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