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Students voice superior language of the unheard

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Image of a tent in Gaza expressing thanks to American Students for their support by protesting


Advancing knowledge,
Addressing pressing social needs,
Diverse perspectives enriched,
Where we all can flourish.
So, curfews imposed on
Encampments on campus?
It seems reason bleeds and
Hemorrhages the language
Of the unheard.

But unafraid of lies,
Not convinced what journalists write,
Or what news agents
Produce and recite.
The students bellow:

“Hey, hey, Biden, say,
How many kids you killed today?
Israel, Israel, you can’t hide,
We are watching genocide.
Is this Nazi Germany?
We want peace and harmony.
Shame on you, shame on you,
We’re the future, we’re the youth.”

Fights break out, fireworks shot,
Chemicals sprayed, police raid,
Barricades thrown,
Tents ripped down—
Counter-protesters blazing hot.

Shields, batons and flash bangs.
Flak jackets, face visors, and
The State’s pepper spray
Masks the students’ courage.
The drones buzz the skies –
The sniper always ready.

The world has eyes and ears.

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