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Sanjay’s Shop on The Cardroom Estate, Ancoats

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From The Cardroom Estate to New Islington

Sanjay’s Shop

From Konspiracy to Hacienda
To the Cardroom Estate.
Meandering so late
Most inhabitants asleep.

After a night of clubbing
He never expected the
Woman he danced with
Suggesting a tryst at his.

One condition, she exclaimed:
We need more drinks.
It’s 4:30 am,
But it’s not a problem.

Are you sure?
She remonstrated.
He locked onto her eyes:
I’m an Ancoats lad
From the Cardroom Estate.

They pass the Cob O’ Coal
Into the small ginnel,
Then repetitively tapping
On the steel-barred window.

Sanjay! Sanjay!
Fling me two red wines.
He sloths to the window
Rubbing his bleary eyes.

Time never ceased
To leave him in peace.
He would serve us anytime
On the Cardroom Estate.

Sanjay, I love you, brother!
No worries, his mumbled reply.
I’ll come and settle up
Later on this evening.

Good night!

Cob o' Coal Pub, Ancoats, Manchester

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