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Heavenly Arguments: A Humorous Tale of Marital Perspectives

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Photo by Jasper Garratt/Unsplash

Arguing for Heaven’s Sake

A Jewish couple having marital problems agree to see the Rabbi for counselling. The husband walks in first. “My wife. She fails to acknowledge my work commitments; the pressures of gut busting deadlines; up and down the motorway most days. When I arrive home exhausted, her tongue starts wagging. She just doesn’t understand.” The Rabbi replied, “You’re right.”

The man walks out and his wife walks in. “Rabbi,” she said. “My husband. He takes me for granted all the time. Dragging himself in from work he expects his manna on the table. When the kids get boisterous he withdraws to his study.  My mother visits and his tongue starts nagging. He simply doesn’t understand.” The Rabbi replied, “You’re right.”

When the Rabbi got home and after dinner settled down in his reclining chair, he relayed the story to his wife. She looked at him dumbfounded and blurted: “I don’t agree with you! They both can’t be right!” Holding his chin and confronting her steely gaze, the Rabbi paused.  “Thinking about it.  You’re right,” he said.

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