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Patient Love: A Sensory Journey of Desire and Anticipation

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Patient Love

Shyly curious, you smile at me,
Tender, delicate, I lightly stroke you,
Friction ridges of long index finger,
Brushing fine hairs to attention.

A sensory meeting, pupils contracted,
I impress upon your warm skin,
From your calf to your elbow,
Then mouths align, entwined.

Soft lips parted, eyes closed, and tasting,
Worldly generous thighs slightly ajar,
Pressed apart by a multifingered extremity,
Searching out where you’ve been waiting for years.

Beautiful, wide-spread in close proximity,
Touching and sizzled by that sweet odor,
Pleasing the mind and soul.

I do not ask for more delight,
Upon slipping into your wet and woven silk.
But you suddenly unglue our lips and ease me
Back with a firm hand…

Your voice articulates a silent pause.
There’s a fierce and undeniable attraction here,
Tempered as we sit back for a moment,
Excited, quiet, and praying for nightfall.

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