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Facebook Meta: Frustrated, Overindulged Or Fixated On Sex?

By One Comment1 min read
Facebook Logo

come in two different flavours:
everyday people
and the criminal *bot*

to secure you
from being Phised

or molested by Malware
take the CAPTCHA
“Completely Automated Public Turing Test”

they detect duffs
but Spammers are smart –
their way round laws.

CAPTCHA’s are solved
by humans alone,
to help stop deviants
in their tracks –

we’ll be rigorous and
capture them. just
select the lions
showing in the photos


an antagonistic roar
in the backdrop
there’s unusually
a black one

the picture stirred.
phased me, paused
then thought of Sigmund Freud
who touched me
last century.

was networking true,
sometimes distracted
by Bouncing Balls Blast –
but this time compelled

to read in a hurry
The Blacky Pictures 1940
summarily concluded:

raging libido is analysed
by the animals you choose –
to think that in 73, 81 and 82

this method worked a treat,
said Kline.

Now beyond the boundary
Facebook validate

when i don
(my horns)  


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