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projecting III

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anonymous man standing behind glass

projecting III

another decade draws out
another on its way &
Ms Rich concluded if a man
spurts to another woman
his begrudgingly tortured relationship
then lady watch out…
he has already betrayed
her trust & will betray
yours truly,

anyhow –

a year in search by that conglomerate
informed me via a silvery white homing pigeon –
cooing at my window this Prussian blue night.

(i don’t like birds
so it gave me a fright as it fluttered
then perched on the window ledge)

i got up from my chair
& gently approached
retrieving the message
from its pristine beak
& the honors list inferred
Disney Plus a hit…

the Mandalorian snatched a high value target & apparently went rogue. everybody’s talking – stream it now.

but in a year that Notre Dame almost burnt down,
& is ominously dark in 200 years,

President Trump’s impeachment,

multiple mass shootings,

the near death of socialism in the UK,

earthquakes –

violence in Hong Kong,

the endless wars & the birth of wars,

Greta Thunberg

& much much more —

Hurricane Dorian was the news searched most:

Bahamas got real fucked up
as towering storm surges & ferocious winds (i heard) powered effusive waters that tore boats from its moorings, ripped apart houses, & dragged vehicles & debris across the islands,

killed 50 people they reported.

the deadliest Atlantic hurricane
recorded was that great beast of 1780
striking the Lesser Antilles
& 28,000 dead in its wake.

then Mitch of 1998 took 15,000
from Honduras & Nicaragua –
(information ready at the tip of these fingers).

the honors list ensconced fashion seekers,
camp style of dress apparently the rage.
i grew up in the b-boy – b-girl era –
now E-girl & E-boy has flowered with age.

what is Area 51?
who is Baby Yoda & Antonio Brown?
my frown deepens as i surmise
there are worlds out there.

peering into the Prussian blue night.
the smart living led lamp streetlights
infuse the space with a funny haze –

giddy-up I shout out & clap my palms.
the silvery white homing pigeon knows the signal,
& flaps homeward to headquarters.

i sat & reclined in my chair & bear witness
to good minds of Z generation destroyed by madness –
hysterical, naked & technologically infused,
anxious of the hurricane hovering soon.

poem: projecting IV


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