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Fading Whispers: The Heart-wrenching Saga of Goodbye Johnny

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it wasn’t her fault
a crisp winter evening don’t
you forget & if
he had chosen to confess
it would have saved
a mountain of heartache


7 days later he sent her
carmine colored roses
& a dozen chocolates
peppered with hazelnut
in gold leaf paper

he wouldn’t have known
she devoured
the confectionery
& dispatched the flowers
to her neighbor

not returning his calls
resigned he would linger
sitting on the same bench
from about 9 not
quite sane overlooking
the River Irwell


occasionally glancing
passers-by drifting home
empty beer cans strewn
one forever in his hand
sorrows drowned


it wasn’t her fault
the best friend said
the hunk of a builder
constantly flattering
is much better for you


Author Skendong

Metamorphosing Clunky Narratives

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