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Lottery Reflections: Keno, Hope, Fate, And Your Chances

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a game of chance

keno built the great wall of china.
medieval europe fortified –
it fed the hungry poor.
nothing has changed.
so let me cross 6 from 49 again.

“now look at these good causes you have funded”

commentator’s soul redeemed
he spins the wheel
the colored balls fall,
i switch off –
there are no mistakes.

another rollover, millions
await the chosen one on tuesday,
if not tuesday, thursday.
if not thursday, saturday.

i hoped to gain, my pocket
is lighter. articulately
i justify to my sister –
keno built the great wall of china,
it fed the hungry poor.

she sternly shakes her head –
you’re a mug she said but if,
you’re that one in 13 million
a brotherly share is a tenth.

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