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Toilet Paper Scarcity: Grab Your Toilet Roll Now!

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toilet roll apocalypse

the doomsday scenario:
stuck on the toilet finding
you’re down to the very last square.

driven by fear.

so billionaires dump stock
& crash the markets again.

(they gain & we lose)
the latest ruse:

the city suffered crazy losses
since 2008 financial crisis,
& blame it on coronavirus?

the public respond buying
toilet roll by the trolley load!

a feature in shopping spaces,
towed to it in times of panic.

animals at the races gathering –
bigger is better we think.

supermarkets on the brink?

when 400 packs disappear
shelf-less alleys unappealing.

i got 18 rolls of classic white
online with a touch of cotton.

it’s hard to imagine without it,
you scrumptiously clean my
tender bottom –

(not concerned with the virus)

clinging to first-world comfort,
my arse a farce reflection;

unorthodox in this jungle where
convenience reigns supreme.

Zoonotic Conspiracy: The Shadowy Origins Of COVID-19

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