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Year of the Ox 牛

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By Jakub Hałun - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

year of the Ox (牛)

the Ox
& the beginning of a new day.

reliable, likeable & hard working
but also stubborn, anti-social
& obstructive.

lucky numbers 1 & 4.
your lucky colours: yellow,
green & white.

unlucky things like
Ben Ming Nian. offend Tai Sui
then watch your step.

it’s a jubilee year
so you avert the oracle.

ensure the predomination of the good
by wearing red briefs,

red knickers, red socks –
they supress negative outputs.

or go to church,
the temple, synagogue or mosque &

are you scared?
the student i asked.

no she replied.
the year of that cunning Rat
has passed.

when that cheat
hopped onto the Ox’s back
& scurried to be first,

we know who
the true winner was.

Courage, Honesty & Faith

So be it. So be it.

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