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Year of the Tiger 虎

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By Jakub Hałun - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

year of the tiger 虎

year of the tiger & another day.
they say courageous & daring,

overbearing & thoughtless,
the legendary forest king

supplanted the lion of yesteryear.

your lucky colors: orange & grey.
your lucky numbers 1, 3 & 4.

unlucky things like Ben Ming Nian
swinging round again & again.

what bad luck can you avert?
the ‘God of Age’ star is imaginary.

however, to appease Fan Tai Sui
wear red briefs, red socks, red knickers –

demons don’t like red. a caveat:
you can’t buy red for yourself!

we might as well go all the way
& appease Feng Shui Tai Sui.

adjust the position of your bed,
the desk & the sofa – southwest.

i asked the student: really?
i’ll do my best she said. i was

born in ’86 & the ox that passed
was a dastardly one.

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