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Whispers of Time: Embracing the Poignant Dance

By One Comment1 min read
Say thanks! Give a shoutout to Elena Koycheva on social or copy the text below to attribute. Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

times 2

it’s funny how
when sat at the keyboard
watching the minutes tick away –
time moving slow,
it’s 4.34 in the twilight.

i lift myself from up the chair,
decide to potter around
in the kitchen making coffee,
then sweep the floor –
switch on the news.
switch off the news,
then over to the bookshelf,
poring over what i’ve collected.
& by the time i’d got back
the computer proclaimed
it was 9.34.

Poem: Whispers Of Nighthawks: A Journey Through Vibrations


Author Skendong

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