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Unveiling Ukraine: A Whispered Dialogue For Peace

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Can We Talk?

As a random piece of debris floats
from the tower towards the crater,
Here we are,
amidst a raucous dawn chorus unwelcome.

Fear is stoked in a stone-cold era,
with high-grade weapons flooding the region.
Hateful rhetoric spurs armed legions,
compelling history to repeat.

The brutish man is bellowing:
“We need firmness and resolve!”
Caught in the crossfire, sullied death,
sullied life, mass movement –
it’s dark,

but flares light up the nights.

Who will supply my gas and oil?
My wheat and grain for breakfast?
My medicine? It’s evident,
distribution chains disrupted.

As trivial foreign policy exacts
censorship and asset grabbing,
stiff sanctions and oligarch bashing,
Bezos sniggers from space.
Gates encourages the jabs,
and Zuckerberg?
He’s our kind of extraordinary rich.

“Allies, we must re-remilitarize.
Are you with us or a traitor?”

Ceasefire! Ceasefire!
Can we talk?

Sorry Ukraine – A Poetic Pause In Troubled Times


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