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Dance With Resilience: An Intensely Moving Journey Amidst Loss

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slender woman dancing near window in bright sunshine


I glance up
At my mother’s picture,
On top of stacked books
In indigo sweater,

She cradles my firstborn
In graceful arms,
As a proud & radiant
Smile reassures:

“Grieve not my child.”


Then an Afrobeat.
I capture this sweet
Intro, drums, piano –

“I’m in a big mood,
Cos I feel you”…

Bopping my head
Up & down,
Side to side –

Shoulders carve out
grooves in space.

Flexible vertebrae,
Wining waist,

Snap my fingers,

The Buttocks –
My leg’s puppet master
Propels my feet to tap,

Move &

Overwhelmed to step
Body rowing,

I promise
To put down this pen
& dance like
You are watching.

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